my mom makes really cool cakes

seriously, look at this girls face…..



happy birthday to you

it is this lil’ girls 3rd birthday…..i will share more pics later.  I hate to brag, but really is it just me or is she cute?  🙂


I ran

Yes, I said it.  I did.  Gretchen has started running as well as a few other people I know and I thought….’Fran, you have lost some weight, you can do that.’  For over a week I watched people jogging in our neighborhood and still thought….’how hard can it be really?’

We all know that I am a runner ONLY by name.  I have no coordination.  No athetilic ability (for gosh sakes I can’t even spell it)  But I had desire.  I thought that was enough…..

Picture it.  Pretty day.  About 45 degrees.  (In my head that was perfect.  If I could muster up enough courage to do it at least I wouldn’t die of heat exhaustion).  Okay, keep picturing it.  You ready?

I am walking around my neighborhood.  It is a brisk walk.  yes, I am already out of breath.  But I am feeling good.  I talk to myself….you can do this Fran.  Normal people are not staring out their windows to look at you and laugh… I go to the back of our neighborhood and fiqure at least these people won’t have a clue who I am.  (If you are wondering there is A LOT of self talk going on — maybe actual sound too…but I won’t swear to it)  Anyway. I do it! I take off!


Thirty seconds later……Jesus appeared…….

he said, ‘Fran, why are you running? Nobody is chasing you.’

I stopped.  Thank you JESUS!!!!!

this is for Jen

mainly because she is likely the ONLY human being that is checking this anymore.  What can I write about and what can I say…..

For starters I will tell you some things the kiddos are doing…

Ethan loves cold arms…yep, cold arms.  I have to wear tank tops at night because if I don’t he stretches out all of my long sleeve shirts trying to get to my cold arms.  He just lays his face on them….It is sweet (and sometimes annoying) Picture this I am cooking dinner and I have a four year old pulling on me to bend down so he can reach my cold arms.  Funny.  (but like I said sometimes annoying)

Reagan’s birthday is Friday….she is three….yep, three.  Did you forget Jen?  🙂

Mom is making her a barbie doll cake the full gown kind with the doll parts at the top….(It looks like a real doll with a cake ball gown on) Reagan wants a ballerina cake….hope she is happy with this one, of course if she isn’t she will let us know. 

It hit me the other day that I am a mom….of preschoolers….the baby era is gone….the toddler era is days from being erased……..funny thing is I think I love them more now (which is hard to imagine) but they are so much fun.

Sorry Jen, this is the best  I got… I will keep this up and soon I will be full of it for you.  🙂

good stuff

I know, I know.  Blog much lately.  Anyway needless to say my life has not been in the normal category for awhile.  However, with that said……I wanted to share this email I got from my baby sis.  She works in a very big city at a place that is male dominated.  She lives far from home and I miss her terribly (you will totally understand why when you read this)

Ready… goes.

I don’t feel like I’m good at being a girl.  I mean, I think I used to be good at it… I was in a sorority for Christ’s sake!  I’m so sick of having to act like a woman and work w/women.  Is it just me?  I don’t think I’m a dyke or anything… just not sure why I struggle at this.  

In the past two weeks I have had it out with two different female vendors and I’m convinced it’s b/c I didn’t start my email w/”Hey!  Hope your day is going well.” and end it w/”Merry Christmas!”  No.  I refuse.  The bitch messed up so I cut the fluff and told ‘em that.  Both of them, instead of acknowledging they dropped the ball and that I’m the unsatisfied client, tried to get pissy w/me!  Really?!  You wanna do this?!  I freakin’ bitch slapped ‘em both w/so many facts proving they’re dumbasses.  (I’m also convinced that if a male client sent the exact same email I sent… there would have been an effort to make good… not get emotional.) 
I guess what got me going today is that I just heard one of my Engineer’s in the hall make a comment about how the “last girl used to take care of us.”  (They gave out calendars a couple weeks ago and apparently I failed to pick up enough for them.)  I also used to hear about the “last girl used to bring in cupcakes every week.”  You know what, screw that, screw all of that.  I am not your mom.  I have absolutely no desire to win people over by giving them stuff.  I do not get paid to wipe your ass… I have a job and I do my job.  
I get it though, it’s a nice gesture, but I don’t see them complaining about their supervisor not picking up calendars or the director not baking cupcakes… no… it’s b/c I’m a woman and apparently that comes w/the territory.  I have to do my job- just like you- but you EXPECT me to spend my days running around the arena in heels picking up whatever free stuff I find around the building FOR YOU and my evenings putting frosting on baked goods!!!
Bite me.
Do you think there’s any room on WordPress for this cute little blog?  =)
Love you.  Thanks for listening.

Yes Jenni, this lil’ blog is totally WordPress material.  I love you too!

wanted to share

I liked this.  (If there is anybody still coming here to look) 

When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.
Helen Keller
US blind & deaf educator (1880 – 1968)


I know I disappeared for a while and to be honest it may happen again.  (just a little FYI) 🙂 

On another note, look what I recieved today by email. This preschool is so wonderful!  I can’t even tell you how great it is and Ethan’s teacher is honest to goodness the best (as you will see in the following email)

Thank you so much for working with Ethan on drinking water. I really appreciated your support. I gave him just a small amount of water w/his snack and he drank it right away. Later I asked him if he would like some more and he said, “Yes please.” I couldn’t help but take a picture! Please tell him once again, that I am so proud of him and that I am glad he is giving his body what it needs to stay healthy.

here is the pic that she sent along with it. 

and I know you are dying to know the story on this.  Okay, my little guy is stubborn.  He refuses to drink water.  Only juice.  At school he gets water with his snack.  Ethan refused to drink it for 3 weeks. he didn’t care that he had been outside playing and was hot.  He didn’t care that he didn’t get to play until he took one sip.  He didn’t care that he didn’t get to do arts and crafts.  He wasn’t touching it.  Well the WONDERFUL teacher asked us to help her because it was breaking her heart, but she had to stick by her rules.  So after one day of nothing to drink but water ( eric and I did this to him) he caved.  and now he will drink it at school…….no where else, but he will school.