I wanted to keep my favorite pics somewhere where I could see them randomly.  If you want to look, that is fine with me.

I am not 100% sure that I like this pic…they are a little washed out, but trust me in color it is just too much.  Because I am crazy, I didn’t care that people stared at me as I layed on the ground to get this shot either. 🙂

 not sure why I love these two of Reagan….but I do….

and then this one too….(I love black and white almost to a fault)

then there is this one, lately I have been loving feet walking away from me….weird I know

my niece and her momma

this just screams summer to me

the little guy fishing…he loves it

my brother and his son….I know it isn’t perfect but I added textures and some other stuff and darn it, I like it.

my niece’s birth announcement, pretty proud of this one, I like it


4 responses to “Funtography

  1. very cool…love your funtography title…i’ll come back and look for sure!

  2. love the new ones of reagan….she’s so darn cute

    and ethan carrying that flag with the camos…i’m telling you….you’re great!

  3. love the new picture of the kids in the swings…where is that? in your yard or your parents? very, very cool. i like the effect it is in! now, just SCRAPBOOK IT!

  4. You need to come to my house and take pictures of my kids! I have absolutely zero photography skills! I love the swing picture. That’s defintely one to hang up somewhere. I am obsessed with black and white photos, too. Our hall is reserved for black and white photos, only.

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