sometimes I wonder

my neighbors are very nice and clean people. I can’t really complain too much.  They are from a foreign land.  I am not making judgements here.  It might have nothing to do with their cultural background.  It may simply be the fact that we are in Kentucky but they have what looks like raw meat hanging under their deck and over their patio…I am grossed out beyond measure.  One piece looks like it still has feathers on it…..I would show you a picture but I have to get out my mega camera lens for that and I don’t want them to think that I am the weird one.


8 responses to “sometimes I wonder

  1. Do you remember when we lived in Covington Station? There was a family in one of the houses at the front of the neighborhood that every year for Christmas they would tie a full size pig to a stick and roast it over a fire in their front yard! That may have been after you moved, but we saw it happen a couple of years in a row! Coincidentally, they were also from a foreign country.

  2. Amanda O'Rear

    Oh, we have that sort of thing hanging from our deck all the time…Kris hunts turkey and deer…so you know…gotta dry that meat out some how. LOLOLOL…I am totally kidding…that is so disgusting and I am sorry you have to look at that. 🙂 Have a great day!!

  3. nice…

  4. Uh, yes….that would probably mean YOU were the weird one and you never want them to think that! It’s a little odd….do you ever see them go out there and hack a piece off and stick it on the grill?

  5. gretchenowens

    i would definitely get out the lens….you are not the weird one…

  6. gretchen owens

    look at you and all your comments…you drop off the face of the blogworld and then come back only to find all these people awaiting your return…

    and, i just wanted to make your comment total a big whoppin’ 6!

  7. Your kick ass sister

    Haha… I had the exact same idea as Gretchen! Here’s #7. The people have spoken… we want your latest blog. 😉

  8. first off, frannie girl, you make me laugh.

    secondly, FREAKY DEAKY!!!! that junk is nasty. good thing you’ve got good ole Bubba there to bring a nice balance the neighborhood! 🙂

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