my mom makes really cool cakes

seriously, look at this girls face…..



4 responses to “my mom makes really cool cakes

  1. that has got to be the most precious picture I have seen!!!!

  2. Your kick ass sister

    I just love her face in this picture!! Too cute!

  3. that is the best photo ever! great cake, too…for a minute there i thought you made it…but you meant YOUR mom makes great cakes…and then if figured it out…not that you couldn’t make the cake…i’m just saying it’s really great…all the little squiggily lines…and reagan is so proud that it’s her cake….she’s precious…

  4. Your kick ass sister

    So I realize this is an old post, but I just have to say that I can’t look at this picture and not smile. Her happiness is just contagious. I love it!

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