I ran

Yes, I said it.  I did.  Gretchen has started running as well as a few other people I know and I thought….’Fran, you have lost some weight, you can do that.’  For over a week I watched people jogging in our neighborhood and still thought….’how hard can it be really?’

We all know that I am a runner ONLY by name.  I have no coordination.  No athetilic ability (for gosh sakes I can’t even spell it)  But I had desire.  I thought that was enough…..

Picture it.  Pretty day.  About 45 degrees.  (In my head that was perfect.  If I could muster up enough courage to do it at least I wouldn’t die of heat exhaustion).  Okay, keep picturing it.  You ready?

I am walking around my neighborhood.  It is a brisk walk.  yes, I am already out of breath.  But I am feeling good.  I talk to myself….you can do this Fran.  Normal people are not staring out their windows to look at you and laugh…..so I go to the back of our neighborhood and fiqure at least these people won’t have a clue who I am.  (If you are wondering there is A LOT of self talk going on — maybe actual sound too…but I won’t swear to it)  Anyway. I do it! I take off!


Thirty seconds later……Jesus appeared…….

he said, ‘Fran, why are you running? Nobody is chasing you.’

I stopped.  Thank you JESUS!!!!!


4 responses to “I ran

  1. Your kick ass sister

    I laughed out loud… cackled actually! Thank you.

  2. That is hysterical!! LOL!!!

  3. you make me laugh! i’m not a runner either…i just pretend…

  4. That made me laugh out loud and long! You’re hilarious!

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