this is for Jen

mainly because she is likely the ONLY human being that is checking this anymore.  What can I write about and what can I say…..

For starters I will tell you some things the kiddos are doing…

Ethan loves cold arms…yep, cold arms.  I have to wear tank tops at night because if I don’t he stretches out all of my long sleeve shirts trying to get to my cold arms.  He just lays his face on them….It is sweet (and sometimes annoying) Picture this I am cooking dinner and I have a four year old pulling on me to bend down so he can reach my cold arms.  Funny.  (but like I said sometimes annoying)

Reagan’s birthday is Friday….she is three….yep, three.  Did you forget Jen?  🙂

Mom is making her a barbie doll cake the full gown kind with the doll parts at the top….(It looks like a real doll with a cake ball gown on) Reagan wants a ballerina cake….hope she is happy with this one, of course if she isn’t she will let us know. 

It hit me the other day that I am a mom….of preschoolers….the baby era is gone….the toddler era is days from being erased……..funny thing is I think I love them more now (which is hard to imagine) but they are so much fun.

Sorry Jen, this is the best  I got… I will keep this up and soon I will be full of it for you.  🙂


3 responses to “this is for Jen

  1. Your kick ass sister

    I am so freakin’ excited that you’ve jumped back in to this. Please keep it up! I love it.

    And… Ethan is such a goober, we are all getting old, and I didn’t forget Reagan’s birthday… check your mailbox. =)

    Love you guys!

  2. I just wanted you to know…that I check on this too…am always curious as to how you are doing!! I love the cold arms story…how sweet!!! Much Love to you all…and Happy Birthday to Reagan!!

  3. i can’t believe it…you are back…!


    i love the cold arms story too!

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