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I know, I know.  Blog much lately.  Anyway needless to say my life has not been in the normal category for awhile.  However, with that said……I wanted to share this email I got from my baby sis.  She works in a very big city at a place that is male dominated.  She lives far from home and I miss her terribly (you will totally understand why when you read this)

Ready… goes.

I don’t feel like I’m good at being a girl.  I mean, I think I used to be good at it… I was in a sorority for Christ’s sake!  I’m so sick of having to act like a woman and work w/women.  Is it just me?  I don’t think I’m a dyke or anything… just not sure why I struggle at this.  

In the past two weeks I have had it out with two different female vendors and I’m convinced it’s b/c I didn’t start my email w/”Hey!  Hope your day is going well.” and end it w/”Merry Christmas!”  No.  I refuse.  The bitch messed up so I cut the fluff and told ‘em that.  Both of them, instead of acknowledging they dropped the ball and that I’m the unsatisfied client, tried to get pissy w/me!  Really?!  You wanna do this?!  I freakin’ bitch slapped ‘em both w/so many facts proving they’re dumbasses.  (I’m also convinced that if a male client sent the exact same email I sent… there would have been an effort to make good… not get emotional.) 
I guess what got me going today is that I just heard one of my Engineer’s in the hall make a comment about how the “last girl used to take care of us.”  (They gave out calendars a couple weeks ago and apparently I failed to pick up enough for them.)  I also used to hear about the “last girl used to bring in cupcakes every week.”  You know what, screw that, screw all of that.  I am not your mom.  I have absolutely no desire to win people over by giving them stuff.  I do not get paid to wipe your ass… I have a job and I do my job.  
I get it though, it’s a nice gesture, but I don’t see them complaining about their supervisor not picking up calendars or the director not baking cupcakes… no… it’s b/c I’m a woman and apparently that comes w/the territory.  I have to do my job- just like you- but you EXPECT me to spend my days running around the arena in heels picking up whatever free stuff I find around the building FOR YOU and my evenings putting frosting on baked goods!!!
Bite me.
Do you think there’s any room on WordPress for this cute little blog?  =)
Love you.  Thanks for listening.

Yes Jenni, this lil’ blog is totally WordPress material.  I love you too!


4 responses to “good stuff

  1. that is hilarious….!!!! i’m so glad you are back and you started with a bang!

  2. Are you back? Are you really back? : )

  3. WOW….I am speechless…and that doesn’t happen too often! LOL! Glad to see you are alive…hope all is well…and that you and yours have a Merry Christmas!!

  4. okay…time to blog again…

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