I know I disappeared for a while and to be honest it may happen again.  (just a little FYI) 🙂 

On another note, look what I recieved today by email. This preschool is so wonderful!  I can’t even tell you how great it is and Ethan’s teacher is honest to goodness the best (as you will see in the following email)

Thank you so much for working with Ethan on drinking water. I really appreciated your support. I gave him just a small amount of water w/his snack and he drank it right away. Later I asked him if he would like some more and he said, “Yes please.” I couldn’t help but take a picture! Please tell him once again, that I am so proud of him and that I am glad he is giving his body what it needs to stay healthy.

here is the pic that she sent along with it. 

and I know you are dying to know the story on this.  Okay, my little guy is stubborn.  He refuses to drink water.  Only juice.  At school he gets water with his snack.  Ethan refused to drink it for 3 weeks. he didn’t care that he had been outside playing and was hot.  He didn’t care that he didn’t get to play until he took one sip.  He didn’t care that he didn’t get to do arts and crafts.  He wasn’t touching it.  Well the WONDERFUL teacher asked us to help her because it was breaking her heart, but she had to stick by her rules.  So after one day of nothing to drink but water ( eric and I did this to him) he caved.  and now he will drink it at school…….no where else, but he will school. 


4 responses to “update

  1. How funny! I am so glad he is drinking it now though…he sounds like my girls. They are the most bull headed little things around and it does not matter what they lose because of it!
    Hope all is well!

  2. These kiddos don’t mess around. You have to play hardball with em every now and then…lol! He’ll end up being the tween that will only drink a certain type of bottled water…hehe!

  3. Ya-hoo!! Yay Ethan! I’m so glad you’re happy with the school and that it’s going well with him. You’re in my thoughts….LOTS!

  4. sounds like a great preschool…i’m so proud of ethan! how exciting…

    give him some chocolate cereal from me for a REWARD!


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