just call me Ms. Greenthumb

Okay the title is a little misleading, but I did tell Eric what plants I wanted and where…..so that counts right?  I thought so. 

Anyway, on our back deck where the stairs are I wanted climbing roses…..and lookie here

they are so pink that they hurt your eyes a little, don’t they?  I love them, there are about 7 roses right now….and then there is the ivy on the porch.  honestly I can’t take all the credit (to be honest I don’t know if it is really ivy or not), but I did tell Eric I wanted a plant that hung over the edge and grew real full….VOILA!

and just because here is a pic of the kiddos, doing what they love to do…..watching bugs…..sometimes I wonder who these children really belong to……..but nonetheless they take cute pictures.


3 responses to “just call me Ms. Greenthumb

  1. that picture of the kids is so cute…they are really into it. i can’t believe they are sitting still for that long…mine would step on it and run before they would sit there and watch…

    great rose & love the ivy…what kind of container is the ivy in…i like it!

  2. They are beautiful! Don’t you just love seeing them from inside?? And you are correct, not ivy, I think it’s a verigated vinca (non-flowering). I love that they’re watching the bug…you’ve got to love that they have the time to watch the bugs!

  3. The flowers are gorgeous! Love that pic of the kiddos too!

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