I actually made something

I know did you just spit your tea, coke, or water all over the computer screen?

Seriously, I use to love scrapbooking.  i loved everything about it.  Then one day…….I stopped.  I lost it.  I lost any desire to do it.  I still take pictures.  I still write down the stories in a journal (on in the photo album) but as for making something with them….it just hasn’t been in me.

Now on that note, when you see what I made.  #1 don’t laugh.  #2 it doesn’t involve pictures.  I have recently been obsessed with decorating our living room (cost effectively) in a nice way.  To put it mildly, I was extremely embarrassed to have people come in my house. It was bad………now not so much.  I really like it. 

Anyway, as I mentioned I am doing it as cost effectively as I can.  If you can think back, you will remember my post of my Goodwill furniture and the painting that we did of our old furniture.  So I had inspiration on Friday and after talking with Gretchen I decided it was good.  (gretchen it is not the phrases we discussed….the words were too big, and I didn’t have the right rub-ons)

This is what I put together

and this is what it looks like from the front….I think I hung them a tad bit too high… it is bothering me to no end….but Eric says, “get over it, I am NOT putting more holes in the wall.”

So I am working on getting over it……….I have a feeling, I will be grabbing a hammer and some wall putty soon 🙂

that vase with the sticks looks way darker than it actually is…it has a rust color to it….it is cool, I got that and the sticks on clearance at Wal-Mart…….pretty cool for Wal-Mart, huh? and those pictures are not my fav’s but I put them there in an attempt to get over the fact that I hung those frames too high……ps those are my dollar store frames………..seriously, I could own a million of them!!! Is it just me?

the orange wall is still in progress, when it is 100% I will share that too……


5 responses to “I actually made something

  1. I think is all looks great! Love the “creations”….LOVE them…might have to make one of my own! I re-did our dining room over the weekend; it should be 100% done tonight so I’ll post those soon. But seriously, I LOVE what you did. Love the frames ($1.00??!!) and I don’t think you hung them too high (if you did you camoflauged it well with the other pictures).

  2. wow…they turned out GREAT….i can’t believe you actually finished them and hung them up already…

    i love the vase and those stick things and i think you did a good job adding those other pictures to the sofa table…i don’t think the pictures are hung too high….especially seeing them with the sofa table, etc….is the sofa table against the wall or the sofa?

    love the phrases….i can’t even remember what phrases we talked about…but i love those!

    now you just need to start scrapbooking!

  3. oh and it’s cool that from afar it says… “dare you” …so it makes you want to go up and read them…

    very cool!

  4. Hey Fran…Gretchen visited my blog and game me the links to both your blog and hers. I have enjoyed looking at yours. I will have to check it out from time to time. Your kids are just beautiful…your house looks amazing too. WOW…all must be going well with you all. Oh…and I love the pics you made in this post…very creative of you. I am jealous. I used to be creative…and then I had my 3rd kid. Ha-Ha! Anyway, great to catch up with you some what through your blog. I am glad to know all is well at the Runner household!

  5. You are SO Creative! I miss your scrapping! Those turned out fab!

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