could’ve, should’ve, would’ve

I think if I should have thought things through a little more in college.  I didn’t want to be a doctor, nurse or pharmacist…..come on, have you seen how much math and chemistry those courses took?  It was not my thing…..

wanna know how I picked out my major….I chose the most interesting classes with the least amount of math and chemistry………

now I am a mom, and would give my left toe (pick one, I don’t care) to have the skills and the knowledge of the above mentioned professions…….seriously

my little guy has poison ivy.  no big deal in the scheme of things. I understand this.  However, I got to thinking of my some of my lucky friends who became nurses and that one brilliant pharmacist and I was envious.  As I was trying to sort through the cremes and medicines that the doctor prescribed and dealing with a sad face of that little three year old.  I was lost.  I didn’t know how to make it better other than do what the doctor, nurse and pharmacist said to do.  And then the ‘what if this happens’, or ‘what if that happens’…..and you know it did……..but it was a holiday……so I really wish I had planned ahead a little more.  oh well….thank goodness that I have friends that did think ahead, cause I will be calling on them.  🙂


2 responses to “could’ve, should’ve, would’ve

  1. I hear ya there. Thing is, I almost DID change my major to nursing….got over the scared of chemistry thing…but it was my senior year and I just couldn’t see adding another year. Ahhh…the regrets of life.

  2. completely understand…right there with you for sure!

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