how cute is this little girl

she is my niece….too cute

I had a “photo shoot” with her the other day and had to share….I could honestly just eat those cheeks….

She has black hair, porcelain skin and the bluest of eyes….there has been one person that says she looks like me (I personally think it is the double chin) πŸ™‚

First, let me say I love this pic in black and white

but I also have to show you it in color because it totally captured those blue eyes.

look at that smile….really it will almost make you want to have another baby (one that is 6 months old and sleeping all night) πŸ™‚

finally, when I saw this picture it made me laugh outloud….look at her face as her momma is giving her kisses……hilarious!

Have a great Tuesday!



2 responses to “how cute is this little girl

  1. That’s funny! Imagine what it will look like when she’s older and momma tries to give her kisses in front of friends!

  2. very cute pictures….you are definitely a photographer…you should do that part time…i’m sure bardstown would love to have a REALLY COOL photographer….very cool….

    she’s really cute!

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