the conversation with the three year old

Okay.  I have never had one before….but I recommend a three year old in your life…..

I had to share this conversation that we had today at lunch.

(first, a little background….my two babies have been sick with earaches and all the stuff that goes with it, runny nose and just all out miserableness.  Anyway, on my way home from the pharmacy and might I say god bless those pharmacists who so wonderfully ask and answer questions. Anyway (I ramble.  I am aware of this.) I stopped and picked up a kids meal to make two little toddlers smile.) 

Finally, here it is:

Ethan:  “Mommy, why are these seeds on my hamburger?”

Me:  thinking, oh crap he is not going to eat it, replies, “Buddy, they are good.  It is fine.  Just eat it, please.”

Ethan:  “Mommy why would I eat them! I am going to plant them in my garden and I will have hamburgers everyday.”



4 responses to “the conversation with the three year old

  1. That is about the cutest thing ever! Sounds like a scrapbook page….

  2. gretchenowens

    hilarious…very cute…that is a great scrapbook page.

    maybe he can plant the chocolate cereal, too!

  3. How cute!!! Yup that’s definitely scrapworthy! But honestly the way you tell the story cracks me up too! I ❤ you Fran!

  4. I cannot believe you did not tell me that story!! That is the cutest thing I have ever heard!!!!!

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