back to that faraway land

my sister and her lovely fiancee (is that how you spell that??) went back “home” which is far, far, away from here…..

I miss her.  Generally, speaking we can’t spend too much time together or we start to argue….and yes she spent two nights at my house and one little argument did happen, but all in all…….I really miss her…..I kinda miss having someone other than Eric to argue with.  🙂 

So because we all spent the entire couple of days she was home focused on her, I got some really good shots (at least I really like them) I thought I would share

and my favorite because I am not a fan of posed pics….

now on to other people.  My present to my mom was a picture with her and each of her four children then a group shot of all of us together… sister makes me sick she is so photogenic………I am not

and because I like this pic with her and my baby bro too

my other brother and I are not real photogenic and I will spare you from our individual shots and let’s face it the group shot is not perfect so I will keep it to myself….but all in all I think my mom will be very happy. 

on to cuter things, look at my little niece….

and I love this pic….but I could kick myself for not getting more of her momma smiling in the background….

last but not least my two little babies where baptized this weekend. My sister and her fiancee were the godparents and I was so happy.  It went so well and it was a very good day.  Here is a pic of my lil’ girl in her white dress…..(the lil’ boy had a hard time standing still and was hungry therefore no pics that are shareworthy at this time)

looking at this I realize she wasn’t standing still either….but sometimes editing can go along way 🙂

thanks for letting me share, have a great day!




2 responses to “back to that faraway land

  1. Beautiful pictures! I don’t believe that there isn’t a good one of you….: )

  2. Hi Fran!! Remember me! I know…I’m so lame! I have been SO SO busy! Like everyone else but I tend to slack off on my blog reading when that happens. Love those gorgeous photos! I just got a Canon 40D! You’ll have to help me with it! You seem to know what you’re doing!

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