the couples shower

okay as I am the matron of honor at my sisters wedding I have quite a few responsiblities.  One of them being throwing the shower for her.  She is pretty fun girl and wanted a shower that was fun.  We had a couples BBQ.  It turned out so good….I had a few girly touches but also did things that made the guys happy.  I will share some pics. 

My centerpieces are wild daisies from the field behind the house….I put them in a mason jar with a twine ribbon……I love the way the white and yellow look so country and bbqish next to the gingham tablecloth. 

and then we had laterns scattered around on our patio underneath our deck….

and here is the happy couple behind their cake made by our wonderful momma….she is so handy, you can’t see the detail of the cake but it is really good, it was like a mini wedding cake…..and it had daisies on top to totally match the centerpieces. 

and here are the necessities to ensure that it was also balanced out with some manliness. 

now if you are looking at the above pic and scratching your head let me tell you this board is so stinkin’ fun!  It is a cornhole board……I have never played before, but people around here love it and this weekend I got to understand why… is so much fun!

And besides for it being fun, it just made me laugh to see these cute girls dressed in cute little dresses focusing on throwing a bean bag…..I mean check out her stance… was great!

the shower turned out great and the best part was everybody stayed and we made a whole day and evening out of it.  

(and that hay spread out behind Jenni (my sister) is some of the yard work we had done last week.)   



2 responses to “the couples shower

  1. Ya-hoo! It looks like a GREAT party! I’m sure your sister was so happy (she looks like you). The daisies were adorable!

  2. love it…did you have the party way in the back part of your back yard? is that your house in the far distance?

    love the corn hole thing, but i really thought you threw corn cobs in the hole? the stance is hilarious…surely you are going to share the picture of your mom and all 4 of you…you are crazy…you’ve got to show me!

    i’m proud of your party….

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