are you ready

are you ready to view the room that I worked on during our vacation…..

yes, it is my dreaded living room!!!!

i have hated this room since we moved here 2 1/2 years ago.  It has high ceilings and weird walls that I could never figure out what to do with.  I am far from done, but here is a sample of what I have done….

First the entertainment center.  We got this as a wedding present and at the time it worked perfectly with our room.  (It was oak)  But I got a crazy notion and I painted it.  I now love it again. 

and yes I still have those baskets, but they work so well with my kids, we have toys, videos and a little junk in them.  They are the best things ever!  (that was Gretchen’s idea MANY years ago.)

now for my picture wall, it’s not much, but it is my fav photos at the moment.  (Oh and because I love to share my cheap secrets, those frames are from the dollar store.  They were $6!!!!  Can you believe it! I love those frames. 

and here is a slight view of my couch, I can’t show you my terracoata colored wall yet, there is nothing on it.  (and yes, I have a terracota accent wall.  and yes, I love it too) I don’t have anything on my end table yet because I am still trying to decide what I can put there that two toddlers will not destroy. 


last but not least here is my favorite piece of the room….I bought it at Goodwill.  It was suppose to be a nightstand, but I converted it into the end table.  I painted it.  I added a new knob and VOILA! I really like how it came out.  The best part has a fair amount of storage, so it holds alot of kids books….how perfect!

There you have it.  Last week when I wasn’t working in the yard I was painting furniture.  This room is really coming around.  I have a few more things that are floating in my head once they are done I will share those too.  🙂



3 responses to “are you ready

  1. Nice TV….Uncle Sam would be so proud! You have been a busy little chiquita! Good job…it looks great. I have a terracota kitchen and I LOOOOOVE it!

  2. i love everything that you have done so far…the couch looks so comfy and i love the color. love the green, too. love the new piece from goodwill…you did such a great job painting…i’m really impressed….

    brings a tear to my eye knowing that oh about 5 or so years ago….you had never picked up a paint brush….

    LOVE IT…seriously….i still want a picture of the terracotta wall…even if there isn’t anything on it…oh and love the new curtains….

  3. Love the painting! I love that look! I get bored with everything in my house after a few years! Great idea!!

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