a glimpse of my weekend

just thought I would share. (I understand it is Thursday and I am just now sharing but give a girl a break, I’m busy from time to time) 🙂

We went out this weekend to a nice place to eat with this girl who celebrated her 29th birthday

I really enjoyed it, the kiddos spent the night with Eric’s parents.  (For the record, I did better than Eric did, he was missing them.)  and yes, I know you are wondering because I am aware of the fact that I am a tad bit overbearing, this was the second time that I have left them overnight. 

The next day, Mother’s Day we went to church and enjoyed a pretty service and the kids stayed in the nursery the ENTIRE time…….it was a wonderful gift to me.  We took some family shots because it is my day and that is one of my rules for the day.  Of course, I don’t like them, so I will not be sharing those but I did get this shot. 

for some reason it just makes me want to smile……I realize Ethan’s hair needs brushing, but really he is THREE and I can never catch him in time. 

Lastly because my other rule is that we do something fun together as a family of four. I don’t care what it is but I want us to hang out and have fun……….since it was raining and nasty outside we went to see the movie “Horton Hears a Who” and let me tell you, I LOVED IT!  It is my favorite Pixar movie to date.  Really good.  The kids loved it and we had big FAMILY FUN which made for a wonderful Mother’s Day.  (Oh yeah, see my previous post for the ending of that day, where I said something completely dumb.)  🙂

 ***Also, it seems no one knows who Edward Norton is.  Do you know?  Really I thought he was a common name and when I tell the story, people look at me and say, “Who is Edward Norton?”  I am choosing to believe that the old friend that I ran into knew exactly who Edward Norton was or I would have sounded even more dumb………………your input is appreciated……..



3 responses to “a glimpse of my weekend

  1. Oh goodness…you are in tim-buck-Kentucky. Edward Norton is a very well-known name and person. Goodness.

    I’m glad you had such a happy Mother’s Day!

  2. i’m glad you had a great mother’s day. and that is a great picture….both of julie and of eric & ethan. you are hilarious…with your “family of four”….soon it will be a “family of five” you know it…..

    i think you guys have something up your sleeve!

    happy really belated mother’s day!

  3. Yo, do you think you’ll ever blog again? : )

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