i felt like a fool

okay, I have the stick your foot in your mouth disease….I hate it

there is no medication for it, if there was….I’d take it

seriously, today I ran into an old “friend” of the boy kind….

worst part I didn’t recognize him (totally unlike me)

second he approached me with the “hey Fran, I guess you don’t remember me”

and I said, “I thought you looked familiar but I just thought it was because you looked so much like Edward Norton” 

so he tells me his name, he is there with a baby, (about the same age as my lil’ girl).  He was sitting with a girl who I said “Is that your wife?”  Which he said………..(prepare yourselves of how DUMB I am)

“no, that’s my 14 year old daughter.”  and looked at me with total disqust.

how do you recover from that?  I felt so stupid.  first off, I don’t think I am old enough to have hung out with people who have a 14 year old daughter.  Secondly……..what the heck?….how could I ask that?

I was caught off guard and let’s face it since staying at home for the last 3 years….my social skills are apparently non-existent…………………I feel so dumb.

so the point of my sharing this is.  to find humor in my embarrassment and secondly, if I see you and say something REALLY DUMB I don’t mean to.  I use to be so good in social situations…..now not so much!  If you have already experienced my foot in mouth disease, please accept my apologies….I’m sorry.

and by the way…happy mother’s day!


2 responses to “i felt like a fool

  1. hilarious…was he an old boyfriend?

    wow…14 years old…

    you are hilarious….i can even imagine the moment, like i was standing right beside you!

    love it!

  2. You could say it because 14-year olds these days look like they’re 30. Trust me, I have an almost 12-year old and they’re starting to call my house…

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