happiness is

a $5 chair from Goodwill…..

look at it, it is perfect. all it needed was some cleaning and a room to sit in.  I love this chair!!!!

and Gretchen said I wasn’t a Goodwill kind of girl…



3 responses to “happiness is

  1. OH and it’s UT orange! Are you a Kentucky gal? It is quite fabulous…

  2. LOVE IT….and you weren’t a goodwill kind of girl….YOU have changed my dear.

    by the way…i read the other day that you are only as GREEN as your furniture choices and if you keep buying the NEW furniture you might as well just be throwing those cans in the garbage and using up all the plastic bags in the world….

    just so you know….i’ve always been GREEN and i didn’t even know it…i mean it goes way back into my high school years….

    love that chair….love that orange…did you put it in your kitchen? what does eric think?

    glad you are finally showing some type of pictures from your home, finally….i was beginning to think that maybe you were locked in a cell all day or something…


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