stimulating the economy

Okay I want to start off by saying if you know me, you know that I don’t buy into conspiracy theories all that much.  I am human they are interesting but I don’t pay alot of mind to them.  With that said.  I think the goverment is out to take my money. (not in the normal the gas and the groceries are too expensive kind of way that is a whole different matter) You know those great little checks that are being disbursed to the common man from ol’ Uncle Sam….well I had big plans for mine.  Being the total tightwad and cheapskate that I am I had plans to stimulate my IRA. I wasn’t so much into stimulating BestBuy, Wal-Mart or any other retailer for that matter.  Well the day that check was deposited you know what happened…..our TV died.  Yep, died.  This my friends is a conspiracy.  The day before I saw something on the news about how they want you to purchase TV’s and other electronic equipment to stimulate the economy.  Somewhere, somehow they knew the cheapskate had no plans to do that…..and they adjusted my plans for me.  And you know what was the worst part of it…..they did it during the Kentucky Derby….yep the holiday to end all holidays in Kentucky….the KENTUCKY DERBY!!!

We purchased one of those sleek flat screen TV’s.  It is lightweight.  I can move it if I need to.  It has great picture, sound and color……but I had other plans……

My advice to you, when you get your check……..UNPLUG EVERYTHING!!!!!



5 responses to “stimulating the economy

  1. you are scaring me…

    soon, YOU will be on those carts with the horses and have a white bonnet on and a big long dress…

    come on….you NEEDED a tv….let’s get real…

    mrs. perfect with the stimulate my IRA…
    you are crazy! 🙂
    i’m glad to see you were FORCED to get a little WILD! 🙂

  2. i mean one of those ON the carts with teh horses…

  3. “THE” horses…

    man, i can’t type today…sorry!

  4. Nice Gretchen! I was one of those women in the big long dress and white bonnet literally today (see future blog post). Any hooo, I agree with the whole conspiracy theory! Totally and utterly intentional. Congrats on the new TV though.

  5. Oh here I am glass half full girl (which really annoys me because I pride myself on my pragmatism)….maybe instead of “conspiracy” it could be “blessing” and you got the check RIGHT when you needed it. Imagine no check and life without a TV (especially during the Kentucky Derby). As my dad would say, put that in your pipe and smoke it!

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