Thank you Addison’s mom

“Ethan would you like some cheerios and milk for breakfast?” said Ethan’s mother

“YEA!!!!” he replied

Ethan’s mother prepares a gourmet feast of Cheerios for her child.  She is happy for the fact that he seems so overwhelmingly excited about getting Cheerios for breakfast.  She sits the bowl down on the table and even gives him his favorite Lightning McQueen spoon to go along with it.  She is proud, thinking he is going to love this breakfast……

The little darling boy comes to the table skipping with excitement.  The mom is smiling ear to ear….it’s going to be a great day she thinks to herself….then…..

“Addison’s mom gave us chocolate cheerios.”  he said as he looked at me and pushed the bowl away. 

Since the Runner family has returned from a wonderful visit to Nashville…..this is all I mom hear…”but Addison’s mom…”

so thank you Addison’s mom!  🙂

we had a great time….but the whole, “Addison’s mom let me take a two hour bath” and “Addison’s mom has a cool treehouse” and “Addison’s mom gave me chocolate cheerios” and “Addison’s mom let’s him have cool robot toys” is gettin’ a little old 🙂




4 responses to “Thank you Addison’s mom

  1. are you saying you don’t like my style….

    i say life only comes once….why not….right?

    just kidding…i know i don’t have the CORRECT mothering ways sometimes…and that does include chocolate cereal…..sorry

    had so much fun when you were here…wish you could have stayed FOREVER!

  2. That’s funny! Sounds like Gretchen made quite an impression on him. I am glad that you had fun!

  3. Oh to be the “fun” one. : ) But alas, we are the mommies and only the friends, aunts and grandmas get to break all the rules.

  4. Real funny

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