such a good time of the day.  Time to pick up the toys off the floor….time to play on the internet and just do whatever I want….

I have had an amazingly fun day today.  Nothing to do but be mom and play….so fun….even got some good shots of the kids to share….

couldn’t decide which one I liked the best….do you have a favorite?

and finally the lil’ guy doing what he loves to do most in the world.

hope your day is as good as mine!  🙂





4 responses to “naptime

  1. Beautiful pics! Glad you had a good day….I like the one where she is sniffing it and that fishing picture is priceless! It looks like a greeting card!

  2. They’re all beautiful Fran! I can’t decide either!

  3. i love them all…wow….so glad you had a great day!

    by the way, be sure to bring a disk of the big pictures for me to start hanging in my extra bedroom….i need to start working on that….

  4. Wow, that day is hard to beat! I love how you have photo’s to remember it.

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