the worst part of having neighbors

I grew up in the country……..and by country I mean, no neighbors within a 5-10 minute DRIVING distance….I grew up where you could walk outside naked……(not that I did that) but if you did, nobody would see you…..

Growing up, I hated it.  I wanted to live close to people and things……..and now I am here.

I live in a nice little subdivision.  We have a sizable lot compared to most…..However, I have a neighbor who as I am typing this, is building some sort of building in his yard……it should not affect me…….but I will see it outside of my kitchen window……….and I want to knock it down…………so instead of doing that I am venting my frustration here……

not very Easter like, huh?  🙂


3 responses to “the worst part of having neighbors

  1. You’re funny. I know what you mean though…Gretchen’s neighbor’s chimney has been covered with a bright blue tarp for a while now…poor Gretchen. Me? My neighbors just watch from their windows each time we come and go. ugh…

  2. croneandbearit

    Hi – I’m so with you on the neighbor thing — mine built a huge gawdy swiming pool right at the edge of the property line. Grrrr. And they don’t even invite us for a swim! Makes me want to lob a case of dish soap over the fence… Enjoyed your blog. *grin* Linda from Crone and Bear It

  3. that is hilarious…not the neighbor thing, but the video….

    i do feel bad for you, but don’t forget i lived with the BIG RED TRUCK in front of my kitchen window for YEARS!

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