really, I love actions

this is for you Gretchen. 

Stacey Fike from SisTv and who I don’t know and never met answered my plea on the SisTv message boards regarding Photoshop Elements and actions

and I am loving it.

Here are some examples of all the fun that I have been having (of course I think I have very cute subjects) 

Oh and here is the link and the details of how to upload them….and just because I can’t take any of the credit, go check her blog out she deserves the kudos

here is the black and white action – it really works so good, I love the high contrast that it gives and it has a white vignette cause I am playing around with those. 


lomo action – it is so much fun to play with


 here is one of my brother and his little boy, I added some texture along with the lomo action – his face is a little too whited out I know, but I still like it. 


oh and the best part! it is FREE!!! that is my FAVORITE price!!!!


3 responses to “really, I love actions

  1. Nice work! You know I’m impressed….

  2. wow…i’m really impressed and by the way LANDON LOOKS JUST LIKE YOUR BROTHER!

    seriously….really impressed….can’t wait until i get some pictures EMAILED to me….check my blog for updated pictures of the room!

  3. oh and reagan is sooooo cute….look at that long hair….

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