It is official!!!!!

My lil’ guy is potty trained!

The freedom you feel form that is something that is undescribable!!!!!

I am down to one child in diapers and I am starting to think we need to be a diaper free house!  Oh the beautiful joy that would bring me!

Would you like to know who I have to thank for potty training my son….

Mr. Stomach Virus…….yep, Mr. Stomach Virus ended up being a blessing…….funny how that works……….

I’ll spare you the details, but if you have a toddler who is bordering on complete training, get that kid a stomach virus and VOILA!!!! You are golden!


2 responses to “It is official!!!!!

  1. Yippppeeeeee!!!! Isn’t it great?! I love it! Did I ever tell you I’ve had a hand in potty training something like 176 children? Yep, thats what happens when you run a pre-school for eleven years! So happy for you….wait until you see the freedom of no car seats…

  2. yay! it is really great! i have to say it’s the best thing that happened to me and it took US FOREVER….so you are really lucky!

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