wanna hear something funny

Gretchen has been painting so that inspired me to do some as well

I have had this bright, fun color yellow picked out for the kids’ bathroom for awhile. This weekend I decided it would be done….it was rainy here and there was  nothing else to do so by golly I was going to paint. 

so I painted it (by myself mind you -but that is a whole ‘nother post)

anyway, I taped it off, I even but a primer coat because we were going from a dark green to a light and bright yellow…….

after 7 hours of painting a tiny little bathroom (with 4 coats of paint) wanna know what happened………………..

I peeled off the tape and half of the wall came off with it……………

I can’t bear to take pictures to show you just yet…………

I will……..

so tonite I am up peeling off the paint that took me 7 hours to put on.  I’m not mad. No inappropriate language has slipped from my lips.  And you know what…. I will smile as I peel off this paint AND as I write a check out for somebody else to paint it again 🙂


2 responses to “wanna hear something funny

  1. at first it made me laugh….seriously laugh….

    because first i was thinking….i told her never to tape it off….why is she taping, but then to see that it fell to pieces that made me sad for you, but i totally understand paying someone to do it over…

    by the way, i painted our extra bathroom…again…that was one of the first things i painted and i’ve hated it…i did it quickly just to get rid of the blue sponge painting….and so i painted it….finished it sunday night!

  2. You are both exhausting me lately. You with your name on the PPM 500 times a day and now this! Geez…. Sorry it peeled but I LOVE you attitude about it!

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