Only something a mom would do

I use to make fun of Gretchen, before I myself became a mama, when her babies would puke she would put her hand out to catch it. 

So disgusting.  I would never do that……….or so I thought.

Not only do I now do that.  Last night I took it to a WHOLE new level.  My darling girl was sitting in my lap and had been whiney and fussy all day (I love her, but that is not a real strain from the norm).  Anyway, she looks at me and is grabbing her mouth and crying.  (I think her teeth hurt).  Suddenly as if a priest threw holy water on her the entire days meals, juices and milk came at me.  Instead of turning her away towards something else………….I realized we were on our new couch (which I know I still haven’t posted pictures of) so I lie back while wearing my favortie pink hoodie and let her continue this horrible vomiting fit using me as her reservoir.  Needless to say, my husband stared at me at disqust and admiration for saving our new couch but yet the mixture of broccoli with curdled milk did something to all of us that I cannot explain…….


3 responses to “Only something a mom would do

  1. That made me laugh out loud….the part of how he looked at you with admiration and disgust. : ) Hope she is feeling better this morning.

  2. WOW…that is a whole new level…hilarious! and you do need to post the pictures of the new couch….i can’t wait to see them! what are you waiting on?

  3. LOL! I have done that exact same thing! And if makes you feel any better I can give you a list of things that I swore I would never do with my kids, that I’ve now done! Here’s a few examples. Nursing my son till he was 21/2. Feeding them chocolate chip cookies for breakfast! Letting my 9 year not do his homework occasionally because he’s been on the honor roll forever. Oh the list goes on and on…hehe!

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