preschool the saga continues…

Yesterday we went to an open house for pre-school.  I put on a brave face, smiled and acted like this was the best thing ever.  (See a few posts below, I am trying to deal with it).  Before I got there, I honestly said a prayer, for the strength not to tear up, and to let this be exciting for my lil’ guy. 

And you know what…I teared up a little (but no one saw me, so it doesn’t count) and Ethan loved it.  They had balloons, they had snacks, they had toys…..

The teacher was great, they were all super duper nice, I was sold. 

“Where do I sign up” I asked

they gave me forms, told me about deposits…….then they said…………..We only take 6 kids, we interview the parents, the child……….everything went dark…………”You mean I don’t pay you my deposit and tell you we will pay the tuition and he is in?”  (I didn’t say this, but I was so thinking it). 

Now I live in a small town, but 6 kids……the church that this school is connected too, has something like 300 members!!!!!  (I do not go to that church) AHHHHHHHH!!!!!

You know what Ethan said when I asked him what he thought, “pretty good mama, pretty good”.  This coming from a kid who sees a school bus drive by and goes into a panic about the mere thought of leaving home. 

 I don’t care whose mail I need to pick up, whose shoes I need to shine……….Ethan really needs to get in this school…..and I am stressing.  I am trying to remind myself that it will work out. 

On another note, last night (at 3:00am) my children could not seem to go back to sleep.  My doggie is back to normal and saw a streetlight and decided to have a barking fit.  We were cuddled up in the bed.  Reagan gave me kisses and said “I wuv you mama”, wrapped her arms around my neck and fell asleep………is there anything better? 


4 responses to “preschool the saga continues…

  1. he will get it…no worries….don’t stress over it….easy for me to say, huh….but seriously…if it’s supposed to be…it will happen and if not you will find somewhere else….even in that small little down…i know you….keep smiling….everything is going to be OKAY….

  2. on a funnier note….i bet $12,000 would get you in… 🙂

  3. This is totally out of your hands. That means you can’t worry because that is just borrowing trouble and it won’t change a thing. Get a back-up. When you get in …yay! If you don’t, you have a back-up. 🙂

  4. I found the preschool sage very interesting and funny! You are pretty funny Fran! I had no idea! I have a feeling he’s gonna get worries! Glad you’re doggie is feeling better too!

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