Fran vs The Birthday Cake

I had a family get together so my in-laws could celebrate my daughter’s 2nd birthday.  The one thing that I have started doing is making cakes for them.  This cake much like this cake was a real pain in the you know where………..

I made this one first……….


and it was horribly ugly……the colors were off……..I hated the fruit roll-up ribbon……and let’s face it, it was UGLY!!!!!

 so I scraped all the icing off, and peeled the stupid ribbon and set off on another cake decorating adventure…….and here it is


that butterfly in the corner…..started out as a flower…….it wasn’t great……..I was distraught but she ate it just the same……..gotta love the 2 year old!!!


and yes, I bought her a tiara to wear……how can you resist when she says, “look mommie, I a princess” 

*** that stained, non-matching bib, was put on by her daddy.*****


3 responses to “Fran vs The Birthday Cake

  1. Cute girl! Love that tiara! I bet the cake was yummy.

  2. That’s why I buy the cakes…lol! Awww hope she had a great birthday! She’s so adorable in her tiara!!!

  3. she’s so cute…loving the comment at the end about the bib…hilarious….

    the cake…it’s BEAUTIFUL…you did a great job and i don’ t think the butterfly looks like it’s pooping…you are funny!

    love it all!

    who ate the fruit roll up?

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