breaking my heart

My (doggie) baby girl, is sick…….very sick.

She has been having seizures, pretty regularly….it hurts to see her in pain. 

I found out today I was not giving her the appropriate amount of medicine, I totally misread the bottle………then to top it off, I was also giving her baby aspirin, (which was the only thing that kept her seizures at a minimum) but that mixed with her steriod causes ulcers……….and it seems she also has a pretty severe case of ulcers… fault……

I feel like the worst doggie mama ever………I love her, it is breaking my heart…….I went to the vet this morning and picked up her ulcer medicine……cried in the office……totally pouring my heart out…..confessing all my sins………the tech was very sweet, I was pitiful….


3 responses to “breaking my heart

  1. that is soooo sad…i can’t believe cassie is getting that way….i’m sorry, i know she is your baby….i really am sorry!

    you need to scrap a page about her….

  2. Yes, you need to scrap a page about her. I am so sorry, I would be just as pitiful. I was at the vet a year ago and when the vet said that Keturah looked good “for her age” I started crying. Yep, I’d be/I am pretty pitiful too. I’m sorry.

  3. OMG! I had no idea! My dog has seizures too! I’ve mentioned it before on SIS. I have to give him 5 to 6 phenobarbs a day now! Awww I feel so bad for your poor puppy. That stinks!

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