the dress…

this is gonna be my the bridesmaid dress that I will be wearing at my sister’s wedding in August…..beautiful dress………..trying to fiqure out what size I need!!!! STRESS!!!!!! As insane as it sounds, we (Eric and I) are planning to be 4 months prego with our third baby….(Eric wants to be 6 months…but, hey it’s my body, and I get the final say) and I’ll be darned if I am waddling down the aisle with a bunch of skinny lil’ sorority girls (not that anything is wrong with sorority girls, just they are generally cute, tiny and way too perfect!)

Any suggestions are appreciated…..really, my waist is currently size “X” (did you REALLY think I would announce my waist size) I just don’t know how much to add for 4 months of baby…….and the boobs, well they are a WHOLE ‘nother story! Right now trying to fiqure that all out, before my sister kills me, she wants the dress ordered yesterday….


3 responses to “the dress…

  1. seriously….you are hilarious….i laughed out loud…..please don’t stand like that when you ar in that dress….that model looks ridiculous….is it going to be in the goldish color?

    when is the wedding….wow…you guys really are getting prego….did you take the weekend away to work on that? i think you should order a 10 or 12…because you are way too skinny and you won’t gain that much weight with the next little girl….i’m sure it will be a girl!

  2. can you even wear a bra with it…i’m just saying…coming from someone who understands the upper part of the body and the issues it can bring about….

    are the kids going to be in the wedding?

  3. I think you should go to David’s or call them and explain the situation. I was pregnant in a wedding and those people deal with it all the time; they’ll give you a good idea what you should do.

    I have to disagree, sorority girls aren’t always cute and they are far from perfect. I think you’ll be the knock out in the crowd. Ever heard of the pregnancy glow?

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