made something today

needless to say, I have felt less than scrap happy lately…but today I took some pictures of my new lil’ niece and was asked to make birth announcements, this is the one they chose…whattya think



 I apologize that the box is not formatted with a border and for the way it is not totally appropriate dimensions, I am still fiquring out this inserting picture stuff, there has got to be an easier way……

***edited later: also sorry about the blur, but because she is not my baby I didn’t feel comfortable posting their names on the web (they do however, know that I put it up on my blog) 


2 responses to “made something today

  1. very pretty fran….i’m so excited for you….you are so good at this….i can remember back, sitting at my kitchen table at the old house and you were scrapping cassie & trooper…..and HATING it…..that’s what always cracks me up, when i see things like this that you do….

    oh, by the way how is cassie…i haven’t seen any pictures or stories about her lately….

  2. I think it’s BEAUTIFUL! I wish I knew you when I had babies!

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