more info about the sandwich

Yes, I realize to some, I may be over focused on a sandwich….but really, I can’t stop thinking about it (or eating it for that matter)… good

Just wanted to give you some more info….today, I had a little roast beef left and no buns… I put it on reqular wheat sandwich bread, did the same stuff otherwise…..I toasted the bread first, thinking that would make it better…….don’t do it!!!!  No toasting it ruins the texture………… for the sake of knowing which one is better I also made one with un-toasted bread……..MUCH better, the oven kinda toasts it for you, just make sure to flip once while you are heating it in the oven.

In conclusion, I still feel this sandwich is much better on a wheat kaiser roll…….it works in a pinch on reqular wheat sandwich bread (just don’t toast it beforehand).

And because I know you are wondering… I didn’t eat both sandwiches (at the same time).  Who do you think I am?  I waited a little bit then had one for a snack 🙂

***If for some reason, anyone other than Gretchen or Jill is reading this, see the post below to understand the pure goodness of this sandwich***


One response to “more info about the sandwich

  1. You’re out of control. 🙂

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