the best sandwich known to man

okay, I have eaten many sandwiches in my life (you don’t get this amazing fiqure by not sampling a good share of sandwiches), but this sandwich……..this sandwich is the best.  I would show you a picture of it, but I ate it…….and if you make it, you will understand….

 I don’t know what it is called, other than PURE GOODNESS.

  • Get yourself a wheat kaiser roll
  • one side, slather (not to thick, not to thin) a layer of dijonaise
  • on the other side (again, not to thick, not to thin) a layer of peach preserves…yes, I said peach preserves…….you gotta trust me
  • throw some deli sliced (thin) roast beef onto the bun
  • and a slice of Havarti Cheese (kinda pricey but worth it)
  • put it in the oven with some aluminum foil, just until the cheese melts, I do 350 degree oven for about 7-10 minutes

Sit down in a nice comfy chair, and prepare yourself to be taken to a great place……honestly this is so good.

How did I find this wonderful melding of flavors you ask… mom had a church brunch and someone had the audacity to serve this as an appetizer!!!!  My mom did as well, during our Christmas festivities…….after somewhere between eating 10 “appetizers” and gaining 2 lbs…….I decided it needed to be a meal……..and so here I am possibly 8 lbs later, but…….OH, SO HAPPY! 

***If eaten in moderation, excessive weight gain should not occur………..I have a problem with the whole eating in moderation thing 🙂


2 responses to “the best sandwich known to man

  1. okay…you are crazy….that sounds disgusting…but i will try when you come down and cook it for me…. 🙂

    love ya….i can see you in that comfy chair….hilarious….

  2. Yummy! I don’t think it sounds disgusting…I’ll try it!

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