prepare to be amazed

to say that I lack in all skills crafty would be an understatment….but I love it, and do it anyway (all thanks go to Gretchen, without her, I would be craftless)

On that note, I introduce to you my very first sewing creation….yes, I got a sewing machine for my birthday (If you knew me prior to 2004….you would be peeing in your pants with laughter from this announcment).my-monster-jan-08.jpg 

I love it! It’s horribly ugly, the stitching is crazy and all out of whack, but I love it! 


2 responses to “prepare to be amazed

  1. I LOVE IT….i want one….i wish i could sew…i’ve had a sewing machine since I graduated college and haven’t used it twice…..

    i love it, really!

  2. I love it too! Will you make me one? In happy yellow and pink and aqua colors??? I have a sewing machine and I sew fairly regularly but I really want one of yours! : )

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