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I’m not good at doing challenges or anything of that sort, but for some reason Ashley Wren has totally inspired me, I have started the process of following her direction and taking pictures (and scrapping/journaling) things in my life that might be overlooked.

The first subject, your mug. I drink coffee every day from this mug, it is my old work mug, too much cream and way too much Apriva (generic Splenda), and it takes me back to the “office” and the old Fran. Reminds me that I was once more than a nose wiper and a dirty diaper changer………not that I regret one moment of staying home and all that comes with it, but this mug is my retreat, as corny as it sounds.

Here’s the website, if you are interested:  http://www.thoselittlebigthings.blogspot.com/

I know you are dying to see my scrap page, it is “in-process” I gotta run to Wal-mart and pick up a few more mailbox letters. 


2 responses to “overlooked

  1. you are funny….i thought about doing that challenge, too…maybe i’ll start it when the next one pops up….where’s the layout…

  2. I’m doing this one too! I’ll get Gretchen on board, it’s not too late! My mug is an Aquafina bottle!

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