so funny

I am involved with a nice group called MOPS (mothers of pre-school and school aged children) well, anyway, we meet twice a month at a local church.  Every week there is a theme to the meeting, today was “Spa Day”.  Picture it, a bunch of thirty something woman getting together putting lotion on their hands and lip gloss on their face, it was great fun………then………the pilates instructor walked in…………..

We went into a low lit room, with incense burning, and that folksy music that makes you want to close your eyes.  So there I am feeling like someone spiked my coffee with some kinda funky drug………and the instructor starts making us do all these crazy poses……..I tried really hard to act grown-up……..but I couldn’t………my coffee was spiked and there were butts in my face. 


3 responses to “so funny

  1. You made me laugh out loud on that one…a case of the giggles in pilates? Sounds like a blast!

  2. sounds fun…..i would be laughing right there with you…..and we can do pilates if you come on the 19th if that makes you happy…..seriously….get you BUTT down here.

  3. seriously fran’s best friend is totally showing my best friend up….
    jill’s best friend….flying to see her & leaving her kids for 6 days….no pressure.

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