Everyday blessings

day to day is sometimes monotonous to say the least….

so to avoid the “woe is me” attitude of a stay at home mom trapped in the house with two toddlers who refuse to obey…..(I know technically we could go outside, but geez, it is freakin’ cold out there).  I have decided to write down daily, things that I am grateful for everyday…not generalized stuff…..real stuff, things they (the toddlers) say or do, or something that Eric does that is really nice……or even a stranger…..just to keep my perspective on how good I really got it.

You know what, already in day 2 of doing this, I have thought about a million times, “Oh you need to write that down tonite…..” Generally speaking, this is not a thing I would normally do…..but I think it is really going to affect my everyday….in a good way. 

do you wanna hear today’s entry?

if you said no, quit reading, if interested keep reading

1) To prolong going to bed, Ethan hugged me and told said “I love you mommy” it bought him two extra minutes

2) I wrongfully called Eric an “ass munch” today, and instead of succumbing to it and arguing with me (like I wanted him too) he simply looked at me and said, “I know when you call me ass munch, it means I love you, so I love you too, ass munch”  which immediately made me laugh and forgot why I was trying to pick a fight

3) I got a birthday card from a close friend of mine in Nashville, I haven’t seen or even talked to her in forever, but she still sent me a card…with a very nice note, I still miss that town and those people….

4) When I came home tonite after grocery shopping, Reagan ran and jumped in my arms like she hadn’t seen me in years, can’t beat that. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Good nite. 


2 responses to “Everyday blessings


  2. too bad that nashville friend who sent you the nice card wasn’t me….i really wish it was though….i’m such a horrible friend! i’m sorry….

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