partied like…

I was 102!!!!

Yep, wanna hear about the BIG celebration in the Runner house for New Year’s…..

Be jealous…

for supper we went all out and ordered pizza, I drank three beers (which apparently I am no longer equipped to do), and we were all sound asleep snuggled in our beds by 11:00….

but since I was not nursing a hangover this morning, I made pumpkin waffles with cranberry sauce drizzled (okay, smothered) over the top….we went to church…and I even scrapbooked a page…….so overall, it is a wonderful start to 2008. 



2 responses to “partied like…

  1. loving this picture… the kids with no pants…..that’s my favorite…..and wow 3 beers i’m impressed!

    you guys should have come to our house….i thought you had to babysit for landon……i caught you….well, actually you told me, but still!

  2. Crackin’ me up! I think we beat you though….bed at 10:30. lol… The three beers? I am SO impressed.

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