not my smartest move

Okay, when you read this, you will say…..what the heck?

I’ve decided to go on a diet…….yes, right at Christmas time……….stupid I know

I really thought it would keep me from eating my way thru every meal (mindlessly), if I made an effort to say……..I’m on a diet.

You know what has happened……I have suddenly become Starvin’ Marvin and eating everything in sight!  What is happening?  It’s like it is out of my control………..

What is it about the word, diet……that suddenly makes you so hungry?


3 responses to “not my smartest move

  1. It sounds like you’re not eating enough! Silly girl, it’s Christmas. I had a snack at home (big carrot) the other night before we went to a party and it helped me avoid all the appetizers and eat a smaller dinner. Try that and forget the diet! Geez…you’re not even overweight!

  2. and besides you are getting prego soon….so who cares….and you weigh like 120 and in my book that’s freaking skinny~

  3. man, i’ve been missing alot!

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