The reason for the season…

It’s late, I’m up….checking my list, making sure I have every gift…

Found myself stressing, because I don’t have the kids a gazillion new toys….and my husband’s parents (the in-laws) will have a gazillion and one new toys under their tree.  Afraid my kids are going to wake up on Christmas morning, look at me, and say………SANTA SUCKS, I want to go to grandma’s…..

Really having to take a deep breath and remind myself, that toys under the tree is not what makes Christmas…….It’s so very much more. 

Don’t get me wrong, my kids are far from deprived when it comes to the goodies under the tree, but it’s hard to compete with people who have them motorized cars (the kind you ride in), dolls, trucks, movies, and tons of other stuff (even some things that I had planned on getting…but that’s a whole ‘nother story) 🙂

I have to really sit and remind myself what I want them to look back on years from now, it’s not the firetruck with all the lights or the doll that cries…….it’s the feeling of love and family, and helping someone else out who is less fortunate.  I have been trying to think of a tradition that is about giving……not about recieving…….we do the Angel Trees, and donate gently used toys……but something that is really tangible……any suggestions are gladly appreciated…….

When I look back at my Christmas as a little girl, I remember the Christmas Eve party, every year at my uncle’s house, and all my aunts, uncles and cousins, laughing and having a REALLY good time (the egg nog was a plenty).  I remember the magic of the night, knowing that I saw Santa and Rudolph and rushing to bed and praying to fall asleep fast, so he would come.  Anyway, I am rambling……but that’s what I hope for them, the magic that only Christmas has. 

In short, I am posting this as a reminder to myself….it’s not about the gifts under the tree (well, let’s be real, it is a little) but that isn’t all that makes up Christmas……to me, it’s the hope of making the world better by doing something for someone else. 


2 responses to “The reason for the season…

  1. 1. you are so good at this blogging thing….i really went into this with the wrong people…you and jill totally kill my blog.
    2. you are very right about the real reason for christmas…and even more importantly it is jesus’ birthday….the best has been this year….with addison we went to jesus’ birthday party (at church)…i told him where we were going and he said….”but what does jesus look like”…..that is what makes christmas…..and then he said “oh, i know…that’s why it’s his birthday….because we always let our balloons go in the sky and then he gets to keep them….so that’s why it’s his birthday party”…..even better!
    3. seriously, i promise ethan & reagan will not remember who got them the things that are motorized….they will remember who helps them climb in and out of them, who gets them stuck out from underneath the tree, who puts their velcro seat belt on every time, who smiles and laughs at them when they are doing a good time…that is who they will remember….I PROMISE.

    you are a funny, funny girl!
    love ya.

  2. 4. seriously…it’s not about the gifts under the tree

    (i forgot that part)

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