he is losing it

We have been stuck in the house, for a whole week, it has been rainy and cold, and they have been sick, so we have stayed inside the warm walls of our home.  Frankly, my little guy is quite tired of it.  This morning still in what he wore to bed last night (yes, I need to do laundry) he came to me with his boots and jacket on and said “Mommy, I NEED to jump in rain puddles, look I have my boots and jacket on.”  Needless to say, I had no option and here he is, jumping in rain puddles (underneath our covered patio)….loving it!


Our yard looks like a swamp…….

PS i still can’t totally fiqure out how to get my pics to look right….Jill can you help me??? (if you even read this)


2 responses to “he is losing it

  1. this is great! love the picture. we’ve been sick, too…i actually didn’t even go to work today….crazy, huh?

  2. OK, first, I love the fact that he is losing it. Don’t we all wish we could jump in rain puddles? Second, I check your blog everyday. Third, it’s crazy, ask Gretchen, that someone is asking ME for computer help. But since you did…here is my super technical answer: I reduce my photo to 25%, upload it, insert it where I want it and then shrink it down using the little squares on the sides of the photo. Here is where it’s super technical…I eyeball the cropping to be about the same horizontal and vertical….I actually move the mouse and count for the same amount of time on each side. I figure that way I am cropping it evenly. uh-huh….ask Gretchen. It’s crazy.

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