Why is it?

If you take your child to the doctor…….do you ALWAYS end up going back with your other child who suddenly is sick…..(Okay not suddenly, but really she was doing better).  Yesterday, I dealt with a little girl, who was super-glued to my leg and was constantly screaming, “old me, mama, old me” for those of you who don’t have an almost two year old, that means, “Hold me, mama, hold me”.  So after much debate and still no shower, I took her to the Doctor. 

***(Side note) I DESPISE going to the doctor not dressed up…..not like date night dressed up, or anything; but showered, hair fixed and makeup on…….I know this is weird, but it is one of my many quirks.  I feel like if they went to school for a bazillion years they deserve clean patients……….***

So despite being at not my best, I take her, she has an ear infection…

Do you know how much an ear infection cost?  Let me break it down for you?

$20 copay

$33.56 for antibotic

$11.27 for the book she sees at Kroger while waiting for the antibotic (granted this is unnecessary, but she was screaming her head off and it made it stop)

The grand total is $64.83

Now in the middle of July, this wouldn’t be as big of a deal, but come on! It’s christmas! So in Reagan’s stocking will be an empty Omnicef bottle (her antibotic).  Never mind, it is MY gift to myself, IF it makes the screaming stop!!!!


2 responses to “Why is it?

  1. You’re funny. I say go to the doctor however you have to after tending to a sick child and the empty omnicef bottle….hysterical.

  2. hilarious….just make sure she doesn’t break the bottle….that’s all i’m saying…..

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