I am sending out a package to a solider in Iraq.  He is a friend of mine’s son, who recently went over.  No, I’m not getting all political on you….I’m getting all Christmasy on you.

Yes, I sent it one stinkin’ day late and he won’t get it by Christmas…..but that’s not the point……the point is, I think the guys and gals over there, need to know how much they are appreciated.  They are fighting for us and giving so much of themselves and their families. 

I am embarrassed to say that it never really “hit home” with me the sacrifices they make, until I had a first hand experience of a mother on her knees, completely knocked down with pain from having to say good-bye to her baby. 

I know we all give so much to so many at Christmas, but how about when the season is all over……..put a troop on your list. 

 ***edited** thanks to jill for supplying this website


2 responses to “today

  1. Just in case someone doesn’t know where to get a troop…….a great resource. Good goin’, Fran.

  2. you are so good…..what did you end up sending him?

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