there’s a fine line

between being crazy and a genius…..

Today was Ethan’s three year check-up and we did the whole weight, height, ears, and nose stuff, but then came the Q/A part of the visit in which we discussed the potty training and my concerns……well, I do have one….so I proceed to tell the Dr. about how my dear boy lines everything up, cars, trucks, legos, pillows, everything has to be in a nice line. So then comes all the questions: does he interact with you? does he look for you when he is excited? does he follow things? Yes, yes, and yes.  Then he tells me about OCD complexes and type A personalities, and that sometimes really smart children do that.  So in response I say………..”So you are telling me my son is a genius?” and his reply “Or has OCD?”  I laughed so hard. (not that OCD is a laughing matter) 🙂


One response to “there’s a fine line

  1. that is hilarious…..not that OCD is a laughing matter….hilarious!

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