domestic engineer?

As the anniversary of my career as a stay at home mom arrives, many things go thru my mind. The life I left behind, how much fun it was, how I felt important, how I thrived on the challenges, and how I had not only co-workers, but REALLY good friends. 

I was talking to my good pal Jeanna the other day and she was recently leaving the SAHM life and looking for outside employment…….she told me it was HARD….she has a college degree and is an Engineer (specialized field compared to me with no specialization whatsoever).  She also informed me that after sending out dozen of resumes that listed only her prior jobs to being a SAHM, she received NO CALLS….NONE…but then listed Domestic Engineer 2004-present……….you know what…she got calls for interviews.

 As a former HR rep, I can honestly say, when I saw that people hadn’t worked for years, they were at the bottom of the pile or tossed……… that’s me……..funny thing, huh?   I will be honest, I am not currently planning on going back into the workforce, I really like staying at home, (some days more than others) but I want to be able to go back into a job that suits me………….it scares and worries me a little.  Have I given up my future for my present…… it worth it……I would have to say yes, to both questions, but I don’t regret staying at home; however I do miss the money…..I wouldn’t change a thing, so even if I have to become a dishwasher in the future… will be okay. 

Of course, my parents might be a little upset………paying for that high quality education and all….


One response to “domestic engineer?

  1. you are really good at this…..

    you are hilarious….and thoughtful and really good…you totally blow me away….now i’m mad that i asked you to do a blog with me….but i love knowing what’s inside that secret little mind of yours…

    so, you figured out how to do pictures….you have to give me the secret….

    i was off today…and put up 3 more christmas trees…my grandmothers…one in our basement for addison & one in our sunroom/scrapbook place….

    so, yes….that makes 5 in all….doing mom’s on sunday…

    you never did guess where i’m going tomorrow night…and no, i won’t be handling snakes….crazy.

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