I got nothin’

nothin’ witty, nothin’ funny…..

 I really want to, but I got nothin’

 let’s see…..

This isn’t funny, but today was my MOPS day, and I volunteered to work the nursery, why people do that is BEYOND me, I had about 8 screaming children for two hours.  One screamed non-stop (imagine a kid having his hand slammed in a car door) FOR TWO HOURS!!!  My children are no angels, I don’t pretend that they are, I warn people in advance, I am not Mother of the Year………but OH MY GOSH! this kid was outta control and when I did hold him, he clung on to me like a cat getting ready to be put in the bath, I honestly have marks on my shoulder………………….poor kid, I did feel sorry for him, not use to being away from his mom.  I totally cheat, mom volunteers which makes Ethan okay for the two hours I am away, without her, I probably wouldn’t do it, because I don’t want to put a stranger thru the misery that I went thru today………REALLY it was bad.

Now if I was an enlightened person like say my favorite scrapper Ali Edwards or Ghandi, I may have found some spirtual enlightment from that………..but because I am who I am, I found myself REALLY wanting a margarita……with an extra shot of Tequilla and extra salt…..

there you have it, my day, pretty much

thanks Gretchen, this is kinda fun, like a diary….FOR THE WHOLE FREAKIN’ WORLD!!!! 


2 responses to “I got nothin’

  1. you are hilarious….and you are great at it…..are you kidding me…..why the heck did you volunteer in the nursery….i thought MOPS was where you went to hang out with other moms…..

  2. have you told others about your blog….

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