he’s turning three

yep, it’s happening our lil’ guy is turning three…craziness

I still have lots to do, get balloons, pizza, make the cake, go grocery shopping….AHHH, I need to make a list, will start that after I upload a pic of the layout I did to celebrate Ethan turning three…


and also our Reagan, she didn’t get the nickname screamin’ demon for nothing…(I got that shirt at the Dollar Tree for $1.00) if you can’t tell it has skull and crossbones all over it…I couldn’t resist


3 responses to “he’s turning three

  1. love this…..love that shirt….and love that layout…i tried to click on it to make it bigger so i could read the journaling and it wouldn’t let me…..

    i guess you figured out how to do the pictures….

    i was off to the post office…you should receive the package by friday or saturday…

    have you put up your tree yet?

  2. i just went to leave a comment and BAM….your format had changed…are you on here right now…changing the colors…i like the lime green…

  3. i really can’t believe ethan is turning three….for real!

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