need a laugh

watch this

I thought it was funny


lab rat

Today I became a lab rat.  I am doing a study for some kind of medical thing….yes….I know, sounds sketchy right….but once they say you can make $300 who cares.

I just asked where do I sign and guess what I walked away with $50..can’t beat that can you?

sometimes I wonder

my neighbors are very nice and clean people. I can’t really complain too much.  They are from a foreign land.  I am not making judgements here.  It might have nothing to do with their cultural background.  It may simply be the fact that we are in Kentucky but they have what looks like raw meat hanging under their deck and over their patio…I am grossed out beyond measure.  One piece looks like it still has feathers on it…..I would show you a picture but I have to get out my mega camera lens for that and I don’t want them to think that I am the weird one.


I have nothing witty to say.  Nothing exciting to say.  I want to smash my computer in.  That is all I got.

I run fast



need I say more?

this is sewius

Ethan hurt his arm last night….he is on the way to the doctor…it may be fractured or sprained.  Eric is off today so he took him. 

tight jeans

okay, why is it that if you wear super tight jeans (mind you not the trashy kind where it looks trashy and you have things visible that SHOULD NOT be visible and we all know what I am talking about) but nonetheless you wear tight jeans so that you will not spend all day eating.  And so you will be very concious of what you eat…..only to eat more in one day than you have all week…….I don’t get it.

All I do know is that double cheeseburger and fries was REALLY good.  🙂